OMUNGA Expedition for new projects

The year 2020 has strengthened our #omungasoul.


As never before, we reflect on our lives and what really makes sense individually and collectively.

And it was very timely, because we believe that the pandemic made us more sensitive to practice empathy and to help more people. Helping people made more sense.

It also motivated us to be more generous with ourselves, because it is important to look and care for what is inside of us.

With the OMUNGA team it was no different. We also looked inward. For a moment, we were silent. We settled down to reflect, ponder and ask ourselves if "our work really makes sense".

And the answer was a "YES" (in capital letters).



We realized that the more we help other people, the happier we become.

We have also noticed that our love for the cause has become even stronger. The team's delivery is more intense, almost without limits. Our purposes are very well aligned, which strengthens our courage and, consequently, our power of execution.

And this made us, this year, focus our management efforts so that we can grow with sustainability and be better prepared for new times like this pandemic.



Therefore, besides dedicating ourselves to promoting improvements in our management, aiming to strengthen our sustainability and current projects (Escolas do Sertão, Livros para África and OMUNGA na Amazônia), we feel that this is a very opportune time to think about new projects, to benefit more children and teachers, to inspire and motivate people.

Armed with courage and determination, essential elements for our #omungasoul, we started an expedition to the most vulnerable cities in Brazil, to get to know other realities, histories, contexts, synergies, and create conditions for mutual learning with the objective of conceiving new projects.

Melgaço, in the state of Pará, and Marajá do Sena and Fernando Falcão, in Maranhão, are cities that apparently fit the profile of cities where OMUNGA operates. Regions with alarming social indicators, but with an unquestionable human potential.



In these cities, as we discard our "knowledge" to be free of pre-judgments and prejudices, we want to learn in conversations with teachers, community leaders, public power agents, children, families, etc.

In recent times, we have seen education adapt to the coronavirus all over the world, where thousands of children and teachers have also been left helpless in this regard. Especially those who live in remote or isolated regions, where few or no social organizations are active.



In this context, we believe that we can contribute to the future of thousands of children and hundreds of teachers, and that is why we are carrying out this OMUNGA Expedition with such seriousness, dedication, and love.

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A big hug with affection and gratitude,

Roberto Pascoal
Social Entrepreneur
[email protected] | @roberto_pascoal